Space Design of Slow Mode Transportation System of Mountainous City

  • Yong HuangEmail author
  • Jie Feng
  • Dan Wan
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In the background of new-type urbanization, slow mode transportation is an inevitable trend of green sustainable urban transportation development. Based on socio-economic composition and urban morphology of Mountainous cities, this paper uses the method of field investigation and data analysis to analyze the design acting factors of slow mode transportation of mountainous cities and research on both of the slow transportation space and slow and fast mode transportation transfer design. Slow transportation space is studied on slow mode node, slow mode corridor and slow mode unit; slow and fast mode transportation transfer design is studied from bus transfer and rail transit transfer. Based on these analyses, this paper provides some suggestions to slow mode transportation design in a mountainous city.


Mountainous city Slow mode transportation Slow transportation space Slow and fast mode transportation transfer 


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