Sustainability Education for Minerals and Materials Industry Professionals

  • W. John Rankin
Conference paper


The finite and non-renewable nature of mineral resources poses unique challenges for sustainability: How can mineral and material needs of society be satisfied indefinitely? How can the benefits of exploitation of minerals best be captured for present and future generations? How can the environmental problems caused by large scale mining and processing best be ameliorated? These issues are rarely addressed, or if so only incidentally, in traditional courses in geology, mining, metallurgy and materials yet addressing them will increasingly be a major role for professionals in the minerals and materials industry and related sectors and agencies. This paper describes a framework for examining these and other sustainability issues related to meeting future material needs from non-renewable resources. The framework may be useful for educational purposes, either as the basis of a dedicated subject or by including the elements of it throughout a traditional course in relevant subjects.


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  • W. John Rankin
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  1. 1.CSIRO Process Science and EngineeringClaytonAustralia

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