Metal Matrix Composites Directionally Solidified

  • Alicia Esther Ares
  • Carlos Enrique Schvezov


The present work is focus on studying the dendritic solidification of metal matrix composites, MMCs, (using zinc-aluminum, ZA, alloys as matrix and the addition of SiC and Al2O3 particles). The compounds were obtained by as-cast solidification, under continuous stirring and in a second stage were directionally solidified in order to obtain different dendritic growth (columnar, equiaxed and columnar-to-equiaxed transition (CET)). The results in MMCs were compared with those obtained in directional solidification of ZA alloys, primarily with regard to structural parameters. The size and evolution of microstructure, according to the size of the MMCs particles and the variation of the thermal parameters was analyzing. In general it was found that the size of the microstructure (secondary dendritic spacing) decreases with the increase of particles in the matrix. When cooling rate increases, particle size decreases, and a higher cooling rate causes finer and more homogeneous dendrites Also, the segregation which was found in the matrix of the composites was significantly less than in the case of ZA alloys.


Metal Matrix Composites Zinc-Aluminum Matrix Properties Characterization 


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  • Alicia Esther Ares
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  • Carlos Enrique Schvezov
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  1. 1.Materials Institute of Misiones IMAM (CONICET-UNaM)University of MisionesPosadas, MisionesArgentina
  2. 2.Member of CICNational Research Council (CONICET)Argentina

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