A Quest for the Research Centres About Entrepreneurship in Spanish Universities

  • Alicia Blanco-GonzálezEmail author
  • Camilo Prado-Roman
  • Juan-Gabriel Martínez-Navalón
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The research about entrepreneurship has a long tradition in academic literature. Various studies have identified the knowledge and evolution, and they have pointed the interest of the universities to research of this topic. If we analyse the most relevant journals we can established the future perspective of entrepreneurship. But ¿where are the principal research centres about entrepreneurship in Spain? We have searched in Web of Science (WOS) the chapters which analyse the entrepreneurship and we have identified the University of the Authors and the collaborative network. In this sense, we establish the relevance of Spanish University papers, the link between Spanish and foreign universities, the level of the university studies in the academic rankings, the increase of university research about entrepreneurship, and where are the principal research centres about entrepreneurship in Spain. All of this enable to establish link of research between different universities and to show to the Spanish government where incentivize the research about entrepreneurship.


Connection Discussion Domestic-oriented research Early research Entrepreneurial university Entrepreneurship Fragmentation Impact Factor International-oriented research Journal Network Phase Rankings Research centres Signing author Spain University University community Web of Science 


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  • Alicia Blanco-González
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    Email author
  • Camilo Prado-Roman
    • 1
  • Juan-Gabriel Martínez-Navalón
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  1. 1.Rey Juan Carlos University and European Academy of Management and Business Economics (AEDEM)MadridSpain

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