Examples of Good Practices at Multiple Levels

  • Ans De Vos
  • Jean-Marie Dujardin
  • Tim Gielens
  • Caroline Meyers


In this Chapter we will introduce nine relevant examples of good practice that were validated as part of the Career & AGE network: Career vouchers, Cité des Métiers, Age management in the City of Helsinki; Compte Individuel de Formation, House of Workability, Minerva plan, Kestrel, Navigator Centres, Diversity & Inclusion a good driver.

For each of these we will provide a description of its objectives, scope and content using the framework for sustainable career management introduced in Chap.  2. We will also include a testimonial given by the ‘case owners’, i.e. stakeholders involved with the good practice. This will be followed by a reflection, written by Monique Valcour, on the relevance of each practice for facilitating sustainable careers and opportunities for transfer to other contexts will.


Career Career vouchers Age management Sustainable career Sustainable career management Employability House of workability Cite des Métiers Employment of young people Diversity Inclusion 

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  • Ans De Vos
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  • Tim Gielens
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  • Caroline Meyers
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