AutoRDF - Using OWL as an Object Graph Mapping (OGM) Specification Language

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AutoRDF is an original open source framework that facilitates handling RDF data from a software engineering point of view. Built on top of the Redland software package, it bridges the gap between semantic web ontology and legacy object oriented languages, by providing transparent access to RDF resources from within standard C++ objects. Its use of widespread C++11, Boost and Redland makes it suitable not only for the desktop and server, but also for low computing power embedded devices. This framework is a result of the IDFRAud research project, where it is used to handle complex domain specific knowledge and make it available on smartphone-class devices.


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    Hibernate OGM-the power and simplicity of JPA for NoSQL datastores.
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    IDFRAud: an operational automatic framework for identity document fraud detection and profiling - joint research project with AriadNEXT, IRISA, ENSP and IRCGN funded by ANR grant ANR-14-CE28-0012.
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    Neo4j OGM-an object graph mapping library for Neo4j.
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