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Medical Tourism



Medical tourism started to gain importance as an alternative form of tourism in many parts of the world. Many countries are seeking new tourism development strategies in order to benefit from the economic and health-related advantages of medical tourism. Many countries have placed great emphasis on medical tourism development in their governmental plans and are now gaining great success in the sector. Turkey is one of these countries. Because Turkey has considerable potential to attract medical tourists, it took its place in top medical tourism destination ranking. In this success, several factors such as plurality of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited and high quality hospitals, advanced technology, qualified human resources, high quality but affordable prices, governmental incentives, no waiting time for professional’s appointments and medical treatment, geographical position of Turkey, historical heritage, natural beauties, developed tourism and healthcare infrastructure play an important role. Turkey is one of the top tourism countries in the world ranking. It has also achieved great progress in healthcare sector. According to these improvements, Turkey will continue to gain success and strengthen its place in medical tourism.


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