Pseudotumoral Lesions

  • Filip M. VanhoenackerEmail author
  • Meriem Mechri Rekik
  • Rodrigo Salgado


Mimickers of the soft tissue tumors belong to a large and heterogeneous group of disorders, varying from normal anatomic variants, and other pitfalls such as inflammatory and infectious lesions, reactive lesions that may mimic nerve sheath tumors, posttraumatic lesions, skin lesions, nonneoplastic vascular lesions, metabolic disorders (crystal deposition disease, amyloidosis, and miscellaneous disorders (Geyser phenomenon in long-standing rotator cuff disease, Baker’s cyst, elastofibroma dorsi, pseudohypertrophy of the lower leg due to neurogenic compression, etc.). Classification of these pseudotumors remains still a matter of debate. Many of these lesions are reactive or self-limiting without the need for further investigation or significant intervention. The imaging approach is often very similar to the approach of “true” soft tissue tumoral counterparts.

Knowledge of the normal anatomy and existence and common presentation of these diseases, in combination with the relevant clinical findings (clinical history, location, skin changes), enables the correct diagnosis in most cases, thereby limiting the need for invasive procedures. Biopsy should be performed in doubtful cases.


Soft Tissue Mass Necrotizing Fasciitis Periosteal Reaction Cystic Echinococcosis Tumoral Calcinosis 
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