Ultrasound and Color Doppler Ultrasound of Soft Tissue Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions

  • Jan GielenEmail author
  • Filip Vanhoenacker
  • Ruth Ceulemans
  • Marnix Van Holsbeeck
  • Henk-Jan Van der Woude
  • Koenraad L. Verstraete
  • Johan Bloem


Ultrasound (US) is an important imaging technique in the initial assessment of a soft tissue swelling. In the majority of cases, it will confirm whether the lesion is benign and obviate unnecessary further imaging work-up.

In the diagnostic setting of soft tissue masses in the wrist, hand, fingers, skin, superficial lesions, and peripheral nerve tumors, US imaging is superior to MRI because of its small field of view and excellent anatomical resolution. The major drawback of US is that the technique is nonspecific and does not allow characterization of solid hypoechoic soft tissue lesions. Moreover, US is less appropriate for evaluation of deeply located soft tissue lesions.

In institutions without a biopsy-dedicated CT or MR imaging suite, US is the most readily available and least time-consuming modality for imaging-guided aspiration and biopsy.

This chapter aims to summarize the potential value of this technique in the diagnosis and management of soft tissue tumors.


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