The SPM Scanner Head Based on Piezoelectric Unimorph Disc

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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 519)


The piezoelectric unimorph discs have been recently proposed as a lateral/vertical actuator with nano-scale resolution to be used in a scanning probe microscope scanner head as an alternative for typically used piezo-tube scanners. Here, we reconsider this proposal by investigating deflections of the unimorph piezoelectric disc under voltage bias with a non-contact high resolution optical 3D profiler. The observation shows that high accuracy of X, Y, Z displacement is possible and that unimorph with two opposing electrodes deflects into tilted parabolic shape instead of expected S-shape.


Scanning probe microscope SPM Piezoelectric scanner Unimorph disk Optical profiler 


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  1. 1.Institute of Metrology and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of MechatronicsWarsaw University of TechnologyWarsawPoland

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