The Smallest Grammar Problem Revisited

  • Danny HuckeEmail author
  • Markus Lohrey
  • Carl Philipp Reh
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9954)


In a seminal paper of Charikar et al. on the smallest grammar problem, the authors derive upper and lower bounds on the approximation ratios for several grammar-based compressors, but in all cases there is a gap between the lower and upper bound. Here we close the gaps for LZ78 and BISECTION by showing that the approximation ratio of LZ78 is \(\varTheta ( (n/\log n)^{2/3})\), whereas the approximation ratio of BISECTION is \(\varTheta ( (n/\log n)^{1/2})\). We also derive a lower bound for a smallest grammar for a word in terms of its number of LZ77-factors, which refines existing bounds of Rytter. Finally, we improve results of Arpe and Reischuk relating grammar-based compression for arbitrary alphabets and binary alphabets.


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The work in this paper was supported by the DFG grant LO 748/10-1.


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