Hyperbolic Metamaterials for Single-Photon Sources and Nanolasers

  • M. Y. Shalaginov
  • R. Chandrasekar
  • S. Bogdanov
  • Z. Wang
  • X. Meng
  • O. A. Makarova
  • A. Lagutchev
  • A. V. Kildishev
  • A. Boltasseva
  • V. M. Shalaev
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 185)


Hyperbolic metamaterials are anisotropic media that behave as metals or as dielectrics depending on light polarization. These plasmonic materials constitute a versatile platform for promoting both spontaneous and stimulated emission for a broad range of emitter wavelengths. We analyze experimental realizations of a single–photon source and of a plasmonic laser based on two different architectures of hyperbolic metamaterials. At the heart of this material capability lies the high broadband photonic density of states originating from a rich structure of confined plasmonic modes.


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This work was partially supported by AFOSR-MURI grant (FA9550-10-1-0264), NSF-MRSEC grant (DMR-1120923), and ONR grant (N00014-13-1-0649).


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  • M. Y. Shalaginov
    • 1
  • R. Chandrasekar
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  • S. Bogdanov
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  • Z. Wang
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  • X. Meng
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  • O. A. Makarova
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  • A. Lagutchev
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  • A. V. Kildishev
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  • A. Boltasseva
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  • V. M. Shalaev
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