AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City

Part of the series SpringerBriefs on Case Studies of Sustainable Development pp 141-153

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Annex: Executive Summary and Health Deal

  • Jean-Paul CloseAffiliated withAiREAS Email author 
  • , Eric de GrootAffiliated with Imagelabonline and Cardiovascular


With this summarized research report, AiREAS substantiates the wish and need to establish to a broadly supported Health Deal between the population of any region in the world and its executive governance. Since 2011, AiREAS has become functional as a formal cooperative multidisciplinary workgroup initiated by proactive civilians that invited the participation of local government, innovative entrepreneurship, science and our fellow civilians to create together a healthy city together from a perspective of air quality, public health and regional dynamics. Subsequent research to determine individual exposure to air pollution under the influence of our lifestyle and the reigning cultural economic pressure has shown that both governance (local socio-economic context) and the civilian population (culture and lifestyle) need to take responsibility together for health and a healthy surroundings as a core value for their own sustainable existence. AiREAS substantiates both the imperative need for context and evolutionary changes in lifestyle through a commitment of combined participation, and a practical solution through innovative co-creation, scientific monitoring insights and proven evolutionary methods.