Traffic Optimization in Urban Area - Roundabout Versus Lights Case Studies

  • Nicolae FilipEmail author
  • Claudiu Golgot
Conference paper


More local administration choose roundabout as an optimum way to organize the traffic in urban cross roads. If roundabout has some benefits as a way to increase the traffic safety not in all cases it assure traffic flow in good conditions. Taking into consideration the effect of roundabout through the congestions produced in traffic we make some evaluations regarding the Service Level of roundabout in accordance with the traffic flow. We analyze four roundabouts from three cities (Cluj Napoca, Bistrita and Alba Iulia). The aim of our work was to identify the roundabout effect on traffic flow. Some conclusions were writing about the possibilities to increase urban traffic quality in accordance with good practice regarding the traffic organization in cross roads case.


Roundabout Lights Optimization Safety Congestion 


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  1. 1.Technical University of Cluj NapocaCluj NapocaRomania

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