Could Insomnia Be Relieved with a YouTube Video? The Relaxation and Calm of ASMR

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Giulia Poerio’s public engagement work with Hubbub has featured her psychological research on autonomous sensory meridian response(ASMR)–relaxing, tingling sensations that start at the top of the head and spread down the neck, spine and sometimes throughout the rest of the body, usually in response to certain triggers. Giulia’s collaborative studies aim to examine the self-reported and physiological correlates of ASMR experience.


Autonomous sensory meridian response Relaxation Self-report data Synaesthesia Well-being 

Further Resources

  1. The videos of GentleWhispering, the most popular ASMRtist can be found at: (additionally, a simple search of the term ‘ASMR’ in YouTube will provide thousands of videos).
  2. A website dedicated to reviewing and sharing ASMR-related resources:
  3. General ASMR news:
  4. BBC Radio 4 documentary (‘Brain Tingles’) on ASMR:

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