The Art of Advanced Healthcare Applications in Big Data and IoT Systems

  • Claudia Ifrim
  • Andreea-Mihaela Pintilie
  • Elena Apostol
  • Ciprian Dobre
  • Florin Pop
Part of the Studies in Big Data book series (SBD, volume 22)


The goal of this chapter is to analyze existing solutions for self-aware Internet of Things. It will highlight, from a research perspective, the performance and limitations of existing architectures, services and applications specialized on healthcare. The chapter will offer to scientists from academia and designers from industry an overview of the current status of the evolution of applications based on Internet of Things and Big Data. It will also highlight the existing problems and benefits of the IoT for disabled people or people suffering from diseases and the research challenges found in this area.


Internet of Things Big data Analytics Healthcare Body sensor networks 



The research presented in this chapter is supported by the following projects: “KEYSTONE—semantic KEYword-based Search on sTructured data sOurcEs (Cost Action IC1302)”; CyberWater grant of the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research, CNDI-UEFISCDI, project number 47/2012; clueFarm: Information system based on cloud services accessible through mobile devices, to increase product quality and business development farms—PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-0870; MobiWay: Mobility Beyond Individualism: an Integrated Platform for Intelligent Transportation Systems of Tomorrow—PN-II-PT-PCCA-2013-4-0321.

We would like to thank the reviewers for their time and expertise, constructive comments and valuable insight.


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  • Andreea-Mihaela Pintilie
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  • Elena Apostol
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  • Ciprian Dobre
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  • Florin Pop
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  1. 1.Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, Computer Science DepartmentUniversity Politehnica of BucharestBucharestRomania

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