Basics of Hydrodynamics and Kinetic Theory

  • Timm Krüger
  • Halim Kusumaatmaja
  • Alexandr Kuzmin
  • Orest Shardt
  • Goncalo Silva
  • Erlend Magnus Viggen
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After reading this chapter, you will have a working understanding of the equations of fluid mechanics, which describe a fluid’s behaviour through its conservation of mass and momentum. You will understand the basics of the kinetic theory on which the lattice Boltzmann method is founded. Additionally, you will have learned about how different descriptions of a fluid, such as the continuum fluid description and the mesoscopic kinetic description, are related.


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  • Halim Kusumaatmaja
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  • Alexandr Kuzmin
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  • Orest Shardt
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  • Goncalo Silva
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  • Erlend Magnus Viggen
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