Gjergj Fishta, the “Albanian Homer,” and Edith Durham, the “Albanian Mountain Queen”: Observers of Albania’s Road to Statehood

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This chapter addresses the contribution of Gjergj Fishta and Edith Durham to the Albanian national movement and their perspectives on the independence of Albania and on the Balkan Wars. Fishta represents the position of an Albanian nationalist who aspired for the formation of an independent Albania on ethnic grounds. Durham’s view and activities were based on what she perceived as the right of the Albanians in accordance with the principle “the Balkans for the Balkan people.” Not least because of the atrocities committed against Albanians by the armies of the Balkan League, Durham distanced herself from sympathizing with the Serbian and Montenegrin national cause. Durham’s and Fishta’s impact is still felt today as a strong legacy in Albanian literature and collective memory.


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