Reaching the Distant Universe with ALMA

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In my first published paper (Schreiber et al. 2015, see also Chap.  2) we were able to measure FIR-based star formation rates for a large sample of galaxies, thanks to the deep Herschel surveys that were observed during the lifetime of the satellite. This allowed us to put new constraints on the properties (and existence) of the Main Sequence of star-forming galaxies, from \(z=4\) to the present day. However, as can be seen from Fig.  2.13, most of our results at \(z=4\) are based on extrapolations of a single measurement, obtained by stacking the most massive galaxies (\(M_*> 3\times 10^{11}\,\mathrm{M}_\odot \)). In fact, we were able to probe only a tenth of the total \(\mathrm{SFR}\) density at these epochs: having reached the limits of what Herschel alone can provide, learning more about the \(z\ge 4\) Universe calls for more powerful tools.


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