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Impact of the Internet Resources Structure on Energy Consumption While Searching for Information

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Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC,volume 74)


The article presents a new model of the effect of the Internet resources structure impact on the energy efficiency of information search. Existing studies have revealed that the number of Internet queries is growing exponentially. The execution of each one consumes energy. The article also present the state of the art of search engines energy consumption, characteristics of hypertext systems and search engines. Besides, a model of the relationship between the hypertext characteristics and the number of information search steps is developed. For this purpose, the impact of hypertext structure on the steps number on searching for relevant and pertinent information; and the impact of the steps number on energy consumption were studied. As a result, approaches for optimization of hypertext structure in the conditions of uncertainty were formulated. A simulation model allowed testing the adequacy of the developed model of the effect of the structure of distributed hypertext systems on the energy efficiency of information search. To this end, a hypertext model was generated as a random hypergraph. The results can be used to create automated systems for hypertext systems optimization.


  • Internet resources structure
  • Information search
  • Energy consumption
  • Hypertext characteristics

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