Last of the OSCAR Psychologists in Afghanistan: An Expeditionary Model of Care

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As combat operations drew down in Afghanistan, combat and operational stress was still prevalent. This chapter discusses the role of the embedded Operational Stress Control and Readiness (OSCAR) Psychologist for Marine Expeditionary Brigade—Afghanistan in its last rotation prior to the complete retrograde of Regional Command South West, Helmand Provence, Camp Leatherneck. The OSCAR provider regularly travels the Area of Operations in order to provide preventative mental health interventions as well as practical interventions to keep Marines and Sailors in the fight. As a force multiplier, the Operational Stress Control and Readiness provider also acts as a consultant and liaison with the medical officers as well as command leadership at each location. Struggles and successes were both experienced throughout the year as well as the ever present battle against mental health stigma in the military.


Deployment Mental health Afghanistan Combat and operational stress Operational stress control and readiness (OSCAR) Psychologist Military Camp Leatherneck Stigma Expeditionary Embedded 


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