Introduction: The Specificity of Geriatric Cardiology

  • Niccolò MarchionniEmail author
  • Alessandro Boccanelli


Though atherosclerotic vascular and heart disease still represent the first cause of death in western countries, improved primary and secondary prevention of these diseases have given a substantial contribution to the remarkable prolongation of average life expectancy, which over the last two centuries has characterized the demographic transition in Western countries. In Italy, persons over 65 years of age presently represent 21 % of the whole population and will become 33 % in 20 years. The fastest growing segment is represented by individuals 80 years of age and older, whose numbers are expected to more than double over the same time period, while Italian persons over 90 years are now 600.000, while centenarians are more than 17.000, having tripled over the last 15 years.


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