DMEK Graft Preparation: Eye Bank Perspective and Risk Factors for Preparation Failure

  • Christopher G. StoegerEmail author
  • Joshua D. Galloway
  • Zachary M. Mayko
  • Christopher S. Sáles


DMEK is the fastest-growing corneal transplant procedure for treating endothelial dysfunction in the USA. DMEK grafts prepared by eye banks save surgeons time in the operating room, eliminate failed tissue preparations performed by the surgeon, and provide post-processing quality assurance. While these benefits lower the barrier to DMEK adoption, establishment of a superb DMEK graft program is no easy task. A DMEK program requires careful consideration of tissue selection, staff training, post-processing tissue evaluation, and, perhaps most importantly, selection of a preparation technique.

This chapter will aid those who wish to establish an eye bank DMEK program as well as those who wish to refine an established program. The parameters of the Lions VisionGift DMEK program shall be discussed in detail, with a special focus on our approach to minimizing tissue loss.


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