Predicting Embryo Implantation Potential Using Video Monitoring by the EmbryoScope Time-Lapse System

  • Lucía Alegre Ferri
  • Carmela Albert Rodríguez
  • Sonia Pérez Albalá
  • Marcos Meseguer EscriváEmail author


Noninvasive markers of embryo quality are being sought to improve IVF success. Using traditional incubators, inspection is limited to snapshots at a few discrete points in time, reducing the amount of information that could potentially be obtained. Time-lapse monitoring overcomes this limitation without exposing the embryos to environmental changes. Moreover, several recent studies suggest that time-lapse monitoring may introduce new dynamic markers of embryo competence as well as a flexible embryo evaluation and provides extra information regarding embryo development (cell divisions and timing between divisions by recording the dynamic behavior of embryos). This chapter surveys available knowledge on time-lapse using the EmbryoScope® time-lapse system, which allowed us to design a model to predict embryo implantation ability based on the timing and characteristics of cleavage events.


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  • Lucía Alegre Ferri
    • 1
  • Carmela Albert Rodríguez
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  • Sonia Pérez Albalá
    • 1
  • Marcos Meseguer Escrivá
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    Email author
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