Hydraulic Manipulators for ICSI

  • Hubert JorisEmail author


Hydraulic manipulators are usually only part of a complete micromanipulation system. The combination of mechanical or electrical coarse manipulators and hydraulic manipulators for fine movements is used extensively for IVF applications. The combination of the rotating joystick and the rotation knob that are driven together by hand allows easy three-dimensional movement. The hydraulic pressure results in a movement of the microtool that is in proportion to the amplitude and speed executed on the joystick. This gives a sensation of direct control over the manipulation. Furthermore, the way the manipulators and tool holder are designed offers a large scale of possibilities and allows easy adjustment to the type of tool used and kind of manipulation performed.


Hydraulic and electrical manipulators  Microtools Micromanipulation systems  Intracytoplasmic sperm injection IVF instruments 



The permission of Nikon to use pictures showing different manipulators is greatly acknowledged.


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