Justice and Decolonization: War Crimes on Trial in Saigon, 1946–1950

  • Ann-Sophie Schoepfel
Part of the World Histories of Crime, Culture and Violence book series (WHCCV)


Informative abstract: In the aftermath of the Pacific War, France wished to regain its power in Asia and to become a player on the international scene. In Indochina, the Japanese had dismantled the French colonial administration, enabling the implementation of the decolonization process. At the Saigon Military Court, the French prosecution of Japanese war crimes was entangled in the Vietnamese fight for independence. The French pursuit of justice aimed not only at accusing Japan of war crimes but also of its suppression of the French colonial presence in Southeast Asia.



The author would like to thank Dr. Beatrice Trefalt and Dr. Kerstin von Lingen for their constructive comments.

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