Vertebral Body Metastasis

  • Amol J. GhiaEmail author
  • Anussara Prayongrat


Spinal metastasis is a common manifestation among cancer patients, and almost one-third develop neurological deficit. Several treatment modalities including surgical intervention, radiation treatment, and medical treatment should be tailored for the individual patient depending on the clinical situation using appropriate prognostic factors and a multidisciplinary treatment decision approach. Owing to rapid improvement in image-guidance and radiation delivery techniques, stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) has emerged as a treatment of choice in selected patients due to its physical and biological advantages as well as proven clinical benefits. Given the risks inherent in delivering ablative doses of radiation within close proximity of critical structures such as the spinal cord, appropriate multidisciplinary treatment decision and radiation delivery technique are necessary. Durable local control and palliative benefit with limited toxicity can be achieved with spinal SBRT in appropriately selected patients.


Vertebral body metastasis Spinal metastasis Radiotherapy Radiosurgery Stereotactic radiotherapy 



The American Association of Physicists in Medicine


American Society for Radiation Oncology


Biological equivalent dose


Cone beam CT


Conventional external beam radiation treatment


Computed tomography


Clinical target volume


Electronic portal imaging device


Gross target volume


Image-guidance radiotherapy


Karnofsky performance status




Linear accelerator

LQ model

Linear-quadratic model


Metastatic epidural spinal cord compression


Multileaf collimator


Magnetic resonance imaging




Organs at risk


Overall survival


Maximal point dose


Prognostic index for spine metastasis


Planning organ-at-risk volume


Planning target volume


Quantitative analysis of normal tissue effects in the clinic


Renal cell carcinoma


Radiation myelopathy


Recursive partitioning analysis




Radiation Therapy Oncology Group


Stereotactic body radiotherapy


Spine Instability Neoplastic Score


Time from primary diagnosis


Vertebral compression fracture


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