Congenital Anomalies of Eye

  • Mohammad Wakeel AnsariEmail author
  • Ahmed Nadeem


Careful examination of infant eyes soon after birth may reveal congenital anomalies such as ptosis, opacities in transparent structures, a lack of parallelism, albinism, and/or an uncorrected, high refractive error in one eye that may interfere with the normal development of binocular vision, which may continue until nearly age 10 depending on the simultaneous, nearly identical bifoveal image formation in both eyes. Because these conditions need timely, proper management by an ophthalmologist, early detection is mandatory so the eyes do not suffer from vision deprivation, leading to amblyopia and poor vision.


Congenital anomalies of eye Ptosis Coloboma of lid Iris Choroid Lens and optic disc Leukocoria Retinoblastoma Retinopathy of prematurity Persistent hyper plastic primary vitreous Albinism Binocular vision Polycoria Aniridia Subluxation of lens Congenital cataract Congenital glaucoma Interstitial keratitis Marfan syndrome Simultaneous almost similar bifoveal image Vision deprivation Amblyopia Anophthalmos Cryptophthalmos 

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