Anatomy of the Eyelids

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The eyelids are made up of two parts: the frontal skin–muscle layer is the soft layer, and the back hard segment is the tarsoconjunctival layer. They can easily be separated with a knife when entering along the gray line at the lid margin (Fig. 5.1). The skin of the lids is the thinnest in the body, almost transparent. It has no subcutaneous fat. It has a striated subcutaneous muscle in the upper and lower lid called the palpebral part of the orbicularis oculi through which the superficial division of the tendon of levator passes. The tendon is inserted into the undersurface of the skin of the upper lid along a line parallel to the superior palpebral furrow. The skin can easily be lifted from the subcutaneous muscle.


Skin–muscle layer Tarsoconjunctival layer Gray line Posterior sharp border of lid margin Anterior round border of lid margin Hair follicle gland of Zeis Moll’s gland Meibomian gland Three-layered tear film Two divisions of the tendon of the levator palpebrae superioris Triangular aponeurosis Lateral cornua Medial and lateral palpebral ligament Superior tarsus Inferior tarsus Septum orbitale 

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