TOPSIS and AHP Model in the Application Research in the Evaluation of Coal

  • Guoying Yang
  • Qingling Wang
  • Jianqing LiuEmail author
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Aimed at the question of how to evaluate the coal quality, east Shenhua produced sales at shenhua group coal quality index data as the research object, using TOPSIS and AHP and combined two methods, through constructing the relative deviation matrix to determine the index weight, and gives the comprehensive sequencing of various kinds of coal.Structure deviation matrix to determine index weight not only effectively eliminate the dimensional, make the indicators are comparable, and make due to on the basis of rational scheme to build, to achieve the optimal.On the standardiZation and normaliZation of data put forward the improvement plan, gives the computing method of interval attribute data, improving the application range of the model.


TOPSIS AHP Coal quality index Relative deviation matrix 


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  1. 1.Department of information processing and control engineeringLanZhou Petrochemical College of Vocational TechnologyLanzhouChina

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