The RuleML Knowledge-Interoperation Hub

  • Harold Boley
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9718)


The RuleML knowledge-interoperation hub provides for syntactic/semantic representation and internal/external transformation of formal knowledge. The representation system permits the configuration of textbook and enriched Relax NG syntax as well as the association of syntax with semantics. The transformation tool suite includes serialized formatters (normalizers and compactifiers), polarized parsers and generators (the RuleML\(\leftrightarrow \)POSL tool and the RuleML\(\rightarrow \)PSOA/PS generator and PSOA/PS\(\rightarrow \)AST parser), as well as importers and exporters (the importer from Dexlog to Naf Datalog RuleML and the exporter from FOL RuleML languages to TPTP). An N3-PSOA-Flora knowledge-interoperation use case is introduced for illustration.


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Thanks to my RuleML 1.02 Taskforce colleagues Tara Athan and Adrian Paschke, as well as to Gen Zou, Sadnan Al Manir, Adrian Giurca, Alexandre Riazanov, Michael Genesereth, Sudhir Agarwal, Marcel Ball, Meng Luan, Leah Bidlake, and many others, for their contributions leading to the RuleML hub. Thanks also to Paul Fodor and the entire Organizing Committee chairing RuleML 2016.


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