Natural History: Importance of Size, Site, Histopathology

  • Murray F. Brennan
  • Cristina R. Antonescu
  • Kaled M. Alektiar
  • Robert G. Maki


The natural history of soft tissue sarcoma is highly influenced by the site of the primary lesion, tumor histopathology, and tumor size. Multiple approaches have been developed to define outcome variables based on these factors, and as data accumulate with sufficient numbers, progressively more refined staging or predictive systems can be provided for rare tumors with multiple variables.


Natural history Outcome predictions Local recurrence Disease-free survival Overall survival Nomogram Endpoint Bayesian belief model Staging system AJCC, American Joint Committee on Cancer 


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  • Cristina R. Antonescu
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  • Kaled M. Alektiar
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  • Robert G. Maki
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