High Value Intelligent Aerospace Turbofan Jet Engine Blade Re-manufacturing System

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Development of any advanced, intelligent robotic welding system requires correct interrogation of welding parameters and output. Advanced programming of robots, data interpretation from associated sensory and feedback systems are required to mirror human input. Using process analysis to determine stimuli, replacement of human sensory receptors with electronic sensors, vision systems and high speed data acquisition and control systems allows for the intelligent fine tuning of multiple welding parameters at any one time. This paper demonstrates the design process, highlighting interaction between robotics and experienced welding engineers, towards construction of an autonomous aerospace turbofan jet engine blade re-manufacturing system. This is a joint collaborative research and development project carried out by VBC Instrument Engineering Ltd (UK) and The University of Sheffield (UK) who are funded by the UK governments’ innovation agency, Innovate-UK and the Aerospace Technology Institute (UK).


Robot Ergonomic Machine vision GTAW welding Re-manufacturing system 



We are very grateful to the VBC Instrument Engineering team, especially Andy Rendell-Read and Graham Moore. We must thank our colleagues, Simon Dixon, Paul Kemp-Russell and Samuel O Edwards from The University of Sheffield Physics Workshop for their invaluable and tireless support.


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