Improving the User Experience of Medical Devices with Comparative Usability Testing

  • Anneliis TosineEmail author
  • Hala Al-Jaber
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 482)


A comparative usability test is an evaluation that helps to determine how a particular product performs in relation to similar products by having end users attempt to complete the same set of tasks for each product. This type of usability test assesses if a product is better or worse than others from a usability perspective and reveals relative strengths and weaknesses. When conducting a comparative usability test, a number of variables make the execution more complicated than a standalone usability test. This paper identifies variables to consider, based on a recent comparative test involving three ultrasound systems. Some variables that need to be considered are defining and recruiting appropriate test participants, selecting a suitable test environment, preparing and executing training, creating consent forms, applying a proper test methodology, selecting usability metrics to capture, and analyzing data. This paper identifies what a comparative usability test can offer and the latest techniques of executing such a test.


Usability test User experience Comparative Ultrasound 


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