Patient Dose Survey of Mammography Systems in the UK in 2013–2015

  • Jennifer OdukoEmail author
  • Kenneth Young
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A nation-wide survey of patient dose data was carried out, using data recorded in 2013–2015. Data from 32,000 women were collected. The average dose for oblique views, for DR systems, was 1.65 mGy for all women, and 1.35 mGy for 50–60 mm breasts. There was a wide range of doses for different systems, with the highest more than twice the dose of the lowest (2.03 mGy and 0.91 mGy respectively for the Hologic Dimensions and Philips MicroDose L30 systems, averaged over all breasts). Image quality, as indicated by the threshold gold thickness for 0.25 mm details, was better (0.21 µm) for the Hologic systems; for all the others it was practically the same (0.28 µm), although their doses to the average breast varied over a wide range.


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The data collection was conducted under the auspices of the UK National Breast Screening Quality Assurance Coordinating Group for Physics. The authors are grateful to the NHSBSP radiographers who recorded data in the breast screening centres, and the physicists involved in the NHSBSP who provided technical data relating to the systems.


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  2. 2.Department of PhysicsUniversity of SurreyGuildfordUK

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