Improving the Quality of Optimisation Studies Undertaken in Mammography and General Radiology Using High Level Blended Teaching

  • Alistair MackenzieEmail author
  • Kenneth C. Young
  • Saartje Creten
  • Nelis Van Peteghem
  • Hilde Bosmans
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The EU funded project EUtempe-RX to develop 12 modules for training of medical physics experts (MPEs) in diagnostic and interventional radiology. Each course module provided 80 h of blended learning (a mixture of online and face-to-face training). The effectiveness of high-level blended learning for training MPEs up to EQF level 8 was tested on optimisation in mammography and general radiology. The training methods were evaluated using a questionnaire (89 % response rate) and reviewing participants’ proposed optimisation studies. The online training was the most highly rated part of the module. The participants produced a wide range of feasible and interesting optimisation proposals. All questionnaire responders intend to undertake their study. Overall, the proposals showed a good understanding of the process of optimisation, but some showed weaknesses in applying the results clinically. The blended learning approach showed potential for training MPEs to undertake successful optimisation projects.


Medical physics expert Optimisation Education Mammography General radiography 



This project was funded by the European Commission from a 2012 FP7 EC call for European fission training schemes (EFTS) in ‘Nuclear fission, safety and radiation protection’ grant (grant agreement number: 605298). We thank our colleagues who prepared material, lectured and helped to run the module. We also thank the participants of this module for their hard work and enthusiasm during the module and their co-operation with this paper.


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  • Kenneth C. Young
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  • Saartje Creten
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  • Nelis Van Peteghem
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  • Hilde Bosmans
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  1. 1.National Coordinating Centre for the Physics of Mammography, Royal Surrey County HospitalGuildfordUK
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsUniversity of SurreyGuildfordUK
  3. 3.Educational Development UnitKU LeuvenLeuvenBelgium
  4. 4.Medical Physics and Quality ControlKU LeuvenLeuvenBelgium

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