Upper Extremity Neuromuscular Disorders

  • Kenneth R. MeansEmail author
  • Christopher L. Forthman
  • W. Hugh Baugher
  • Ryan D. Katz
  • Raymond A. Wittstadt
  • Keith A. Segalman


Medical caregivers of patients with upper extremity neuromuscular disorders should use a multidisciplinary approach in order to maximize their patients’ function and minimize related adverse events. Nonsurgical treatment options are often trialed initially and typically consist of one or more of the following: limb-specific therapy including stretching and strengthening, functional or hygienic splinting, sensory and/or motor reeducation, and oral or injectable medications. Surgical treatment options can be broadly considered within one or more of the following categories: local nerve repair, grafting, or transfers; local tendon grafting or transfers, free muscle, tendon, and/or nerve flap transfers involving microsurgery; and joint releases, reconstructions, or fusions.


Upper extremity Neuromuscular Nerve palsy Nerve trauma Nerve transfer Tendon transfer Joint fusion 


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