Lower Extremity

  • Andrew I. ElkwoodEmail author
  • Lisa F. Schneider
  • Michael I. Rose


We present our approach to the patient with lower extremity nerve injury or dysfunction. First, we have a step-by-step description of lower extremity anatomy, including nerve anatomy. We then present nerve compression syndromes from proximal to distal on the extremity, explaining how to evaluate and treat the patient. These syndromes include pudendal neuralgia, piriformis syndrome, femoral and obturator syndromes, peroneal compression, and tarsal tunnel syndrome. We also discuss lower extremity neuropathy in great detail, ranging from basic science to release of compression, as well as diabetic foot wounds and their reconstruction.


Pudendal neuralgia Piriformis syndrome Femoral nerve compression Obturator nerve Compression syndromes Peroneal compression Tarsal tunnel syndrome Lower extremity Neuropathy Diabetic foot wounds 


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