Generating Image Descriptions for SmartArts

  • Jens VoeglerEmail author
  • Julia Krause
  • Gerhard Weber
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9758)


Visual information such as SmartArts are often used in presentations and lectures. SmartArts are visual information containing some text and graphical elements. They have to be described verbally to become accessible for visually impaired and blind people. But a manual image description is often not provided or misses information about the pictorial part of SmartArt diagrams. We present a PowerPoint Add-In to create image descriptions semiautomatically. Both a short description and a long description containing details are generated. The author can adjust the generation by modifying a template. In a user evaluation the quality of manually and semi-automatic transcribed images were tested.


SmartArt Alternative description Images 



We thank Florian Dietz for supporting the development of the MarkdownConverter for Microsoft PowerPoint and Sebastian Humenda for the development of Matuc.


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