To the question of complex use of ashes and slag waste CHP plant

  • A. N. ShabarovEmail author
  • T. N. Aleksandrova
  • N. V. Nikolaeva
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Existing technology for the processing and utilization of ash and slag material are devoted to the use of ash in construction and production of building materials to a greater extent. Technology for production of concentrates from ash and slag materials containing various metals, have significant drawbacks. They are connected with the quality of the resulting concentrates mainly. The current state of the problems associated with the accumulation, processing and disposal of coal combustion was studied in the work. The main directions of of ash and slag recycling materials include: magnetic separation, removal of unburned carbon and precious metals by a flotation method, acid leaching of aluminum components and the study of the distribution of rare and trace elements.The analysis of the practice enrichment of technogenic material by gravity, magnetic and flotation methods was carried out. The objects of the study were the ash and slag wastes CHP of Far East region and the ash from coals burning of Far Eastern Fields. Qualitative and quantitative microscopic analyses of material were presented. The same technological scheme which includes flotation, gravity separation, magnetic enrichment and the high-gradient magnetic separation followed by acid extraction of aluminum components was substantiated for complex processing of technogenic carbonaceous material. The indicator of complexity for the proposed technology has proven the effectiveness of complex processing.


ash and slag material high-gradient magnetic separation complex processing acid extraction underburning qualitative indicator resource conservation 


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  • T. N. Aleksandrova
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  • N. V. Nikolaeva
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  1. 1.Doctor of Engineering ScienceVice-Rector of the Mining University, National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines)Saint-PetersburgRussia
  2. 2.Doctor of Engineering ScienceHead of Department of Mineral Processing of the Mining University, National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines)Saint-PetersburgRussia
  3. 3.Associate Professor of Department of Mineral ProcessingPh.D., National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines)Saint-PetersburgRussia

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