Primary Cardiac Malignancies: Epidemiology and Pathology

  • Stefania RizzoEmail author
  • Gaetano Thiene
  • Marialuisa Valente
  • Cristina Basso


Malignant cardiac tumors are exceedingly rare and mostly secondary. Primary malignant cardiac tumors are usually sarcomas (manly angiosarcoma, indifferentiated sarcoma and leiomysarcoma), followed by lymphomas. They can occur anywhere within the heart and the presenting symptoms are related to the localization, size, and histotype. Nowadays, diagnosis of cardiac tumors is made “ante mortem” thanks to echocardiography and other invasive or non-invasive techniques. Histopathology is mandatory to provide differential diagnosis among various cardiac masses and to characterize the precise tumor histotype to plan the best treatment. From the therapeutic viewpoint, surgical excision followed by chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy may prolong life. However, prognosis remains poor, therapies being all palliative, with the exception for lymphomas. The Chapter summarizes epidemiology, clinical features, histologic, and therapeutic aspects of malignant cardiac tumors.


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