Correlating Unlabeled Events from Cyclic Business Processes Execution

  • Dina BayomieEmail author
  • Ahmed Awad
  • Ehab Ezat
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9694)


Event logs are invaluable sources about the actual execution of processes. Most of process mining and postmortem analysis techniques depend on logs. All these techniques require the existence of the case ID to correlate the events. Real life logs are rarely originating from a centrally orchestrated process execution. Hence, case ID is missing, known as unlabeled logs. Correlating unlabeled events is a challenging problem that has received little attention in literature. Moreover, the few approaches addressing this challenge support acyclic business processes only. In this paper, we build on our previous work and propose an approach to deduce case ID for unlabeled event logs produced from cyclic business processes. As a result, a set of ranked labeled logs are generated. We evaluate our approach using real life logs.


Unlabeled event log Event correlation Cyclic processes loops Process mining 


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