Hygehos Ontology for Electronic Health Records

  • Naiara MuroEmail author
  • Eider Sanchez
  • Manuel Graña
  • Eduardo Carrasco
  • Fran Manzano
  • Jose María Susperregi
  • Agustin Agirre
  • Jesús Gómez
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 60)


During the last years a high effort on standardization of Electronic Health Records has been made. Standards ISO EN 13606 and OpenEHR with their dual approach have promoted semantic interoperability in the real clinical practice. Recently, the focus has been set on the extraction of knowledge from the clinical information stored in EHR, but current approaches based on archetypes do not provide a complete solution regarding content structuration limitation. In this paper we propose an ontology for Hygehos Electronic Health Records (EHR), that we call the Hygehos Ontology. The introduction of such ontology on the EHR system will facilitate the development of reasoning and knowledge extraction tools over the stored clinical information. In our approach, we first align the Hygehos EHR to the dual model of OpenEHR and generate the corresponding archetypes for every part of the system. Secondly, we formalize a methodology for structuring the clinical contents of Hygehos EHR into the Hygehos Ontology.


EHR ADL archetype OWL ontology Hygehos 



This research was partially funded by the Basque Business Development Agency (SPRI), dependent on the Basque Government, under the grant GAITEK2015-SemanHis.


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  • Naiara Muro
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  • Eider Sanchez
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  • Manuel Graña
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  • Eduardo Carrasco
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  • Fran Manzano
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  • Jose María Susperregi
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  • Agustin Agirre
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  • Jesús Gómez
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  1. 1.Vicomtech-IK4San SebastianSpain
  2. 2.Computational Intelligence GroupUniversity of the Basque Country UPV/EHUSan SebastianSpain
  3. 3.Biodonostia Health Research InstituteSan SebastianSpain
  4. 4.IgarleSan SebastianSpain
  5. 5.La Asunción ClinicTolosaSpain

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