Variable Neighbourhood Descent with Memory: A Hybrid Metaheuristic for Supermarket Resupply

  • Philip MourdjisEmail author
  • Yujie Chen
  • Fiona Polack
  • Peter Cowling
  • Martin Robinson
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9668)


Supermarket supply chains represent an area in which optimisation of vehicle routes and scheduling can lead to huge cost and environmental savings. As just-in-time ordering practices become more common, traditionally fixed resupply routes and schedules are increasingly unable to meet the demands of the supermarkets. Instead, we model this as a dynamic pickup and delivery problem with soft time windows (PDPSTW). We present the variable neighbourhood descent with memory (VNDM) hybrid metaheuristic (HM) and compare its performance against Q-learning (QL), binary exponential back off (BEBO) and random descent (RD) hyperheuristics on published benchmark and real-world instances of the PDPSTW. We find that VNDM consistently generates the highest quality solutions, with the fewest routes or shortest distances, amongst the methods tested. It is capable of finding the best known solutions to 55 of 176 published benchmarks as well as producing the best results on our real-world data set, supplied by Transfaction Ltd.



This work has been funded by the Large Scale Complex IT Systems (LSCITS) project of the EPSRC with help from Transfaction Ltd.


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  • Yujie Chen
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  • Fiona Polack
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  • Peter Cowling
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  • Martin Robinson
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  2. 2.Transfaction Ltd.CambridgeUK

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