Personalization in the User Interaction Design

Isn’t Personalization Just the Adjustment According to Defined User Preferences?
  • Miroslav SiliEmail author
  • Markus Garschall
  • Martin Morandell
  • Sten Hanke
  • Christopher Mayer
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User diversity plays an essential role in the design of modern Human Computer Interaction (HCI) systems. Users differ among their perception and utilization of technology. Thus, designers of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) systems are asked to consider these aspects and to build interaction systems which are able to support and react to changing user wishes and needs. This work focuses on the identification and elaboration of this additional user-related and contextual information and facilitates to structure the design process of new user-adaptive systems. Based on a comprehensive literature review this work presents methods, tools and systems used to pre and post process user- and context-related information as well as different approaches for the adaption decision process. Additionally, based on a set of selected systems the work illustrates the adaption process.


Personalization User Modeling Preferences Context-aware Adaptivity Adaption Decision Process 



Much of the work reported here was within the international project YouDo which is co-funded by the AAL Joint Programme (REF. AAL-2012-5-155) and the following National Authorities and R&D programs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland: BMVIT, program benefit, FFG (AT), BMBF (DE) and SERI (CH).


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  • Markus Garschall
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  • Martin Morandell
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  • Sten Hanke
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  • Christopher Mayer
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