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Regulated by the Financial Services Commission, the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) constitutes one of the key components of the various types of institutions which comprise the structure of the Mauritian financial system. The SEM started to operate in 1989 as a private limited company before being converted into a public company in 2008. SEM operates under two major arms – namely, the official market and the Development and Enterprise Market (DEM). The former is usually considered to be imbued with greater liquidity and stronger levels of transactions relative than the DEM, which was launched in 2006 and chiefly deals with small and medium sized enterprises. For instance, foreign investors have greater taste for stocks listed on the official market relative to the DEM market, with bank and hotel stocks being the most coveted by foreigners. Foreigners avail of certain important benefits when they invest in SEM, such as not having to pay withholding tax on dividends and no tax being imposed on capital gains. To buy or sell shares, investors need to contact brokers or investment dealers (see Appendix for the list). The list of issuers on the official market is also provided in the appendix to this chapter.


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