Protein Design for Nanostructural Engineering: Concluding Remarks and Future Directions

  • Tijana Z. GroveEmail author
  • Aitziber L. CortajarenaEmail author
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 940)


This final chapter aims to summarize the main conclusions of the book and to point to possible directions for further research in the field of protein design for nanostructural engineering. Even though this research field is still at its infancy, multidisciplinary research efforts in the design of synthetic protein-based nanostructures and functional materials have resulted in significant progress. The chapters in this book cover several selected examples of the most recent advances concerning the use of proteins and peptides as building blocks for the fabrication of architectures and functional nanostructures, assemblies, and materials. Here, we provide a general overview of the strategies that can be employed to prepare functional protein-based nanostructures, and nanostructured materials and devices. Finally, we highlight some of the main aspects to be considered by the research community to set the path for the near future developments.


Protein-based nanostructures Protein engineering Bionanotechnology Nanoscale patterning Biomaterials 

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