Spirituality, Sustainability and Happiness: A Quantum-Neuroscientific Perspective



Spirit literally means that which gives life to a system, and spirituality is the state of being one with spirit. In terms of quantum physics, spirit is prime energy, which is conscious, aware and intelligent. It fills the universe. In spite of its vastness, it is one—a single indivisible field of energy. The one manifests itself as many in material forms, creating the material world. If many forms were to sustain themselves, each of them must behave not as a self-centred individual, but as an integral part of the one. They can behave so, if they are in the state of one with spirit or are spiritual. Recent discoveries in neuroscience reveal human beings are endowed with the capacity to be one with spirit and to become who we really are. Once we become one with spirit, its oneness expresses itself through us as an inner urge to serve others. This is love. This study, with the help of scientific evidence, demonstrates how spirituality could bring not only sustainability, but also happiness, to the world.


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