The Case for Eco-spirituality: Everybody Can Do Something

  • Satinder Dhiman


Have contemporary approaches to economic and social development failed to address what many believe to be humankind’s abiding need for spiritual growth? Can material advancement be more sustainable when spiritual development is seen as an integral part of the human development algorithm? Since our societies are human nature writ large, can it be argued that the solution to many of the current challenges faced by both the civilization and the environment lies in connecting sustainable practices with our spiritual awareness? While arguments can be made that the choice we face is between conscious change and chaotic annihilation, could each one of us begin to make a difference by integrating spirituality and sustainability as a way of life? This introductory chapter relies on the spiritual power of individuals to heal themselves and the environment. When we change our orientation from ‘I” to “We,” we transition from illness to wellness—individually and collectively. Accordingly, sustainability is no longer seen just as a scientific or political problem; it becomes a matter of individual moral choice, with profound spiritual significance.


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