Sediment Waves at the Mouth of the Almanzora-Alías-Garrucha Canyon

  • Patricia JiménezEmail author
  • Elena Elvira
  • Araceli Muñoz
  • Juan Acosta


Several tributaries highly incised in the continental margin merge in the Almanzora-Alías-Garrucha Canyon, on the lower slope of the Vera Gulf. This canyon generated a turbidite system and a submarine fan at the mouth, where a field of large sediment waves developed at about 2500 m water depth. These sediment waves reach maximum heights and wavelengths of 80 m and 4.5 km, respectively, and are preferentially orientated N-S. The sediment waves display an upslope migration and are interpreted as being associated with supercritical turbidity currents.


Almanzora-Alías-Garrucha canyon Vera gulf Large sediment waves Supercritical turbidity currents 


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  • Patricia Jiménez
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  • Elena Elvira
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  • Araceli Muñoz
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  • Juan Acosta
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  2. 2.Instituto Español de OceanografíaMadridSpain

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